Why it's important to finish work on time

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Why it's important to finish work on time

Why it's important to finish work on time
Imagine: a man comes into the office, gives his best at work, works from 9 to 6, and when his time runs out, he goes home and doesn't think about work until the next day. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, this scene is coming up less and less in our lives.

Not so long ago, company employees, managers worked a certain amount of time and couldn't get phone calls, emails every hour after work was over. The development of technology has caused new problems for a person's personal life. At the moment, every employee who has a phone, receives a lot of messages, calls during non-working hours.

This quality is appreciated by almost every boss and many companies are trying to manage this process. The boss will consider that any employee who loves his work should not be turned off from the work process almost never, and therefore a call at midnight will be absolutely normal for him.

Slow down

France, a country that is trying to improve labor laws as quickly as possible, has issued a law that allows employees who work in certain areas to ignore emails when they leave the office. This law allows employees to get their well-deserved rest and disconnect from work for a while.

That said, in many Latin American countries, the line between work and personal life is becoming as blurred as possible. Free time continues to diminish and excessive work that exhausts employees is valued.

Think about the efficiency of spending time at the computer. Fifteen hours at work will not always be as effective as eight hours of productive work. Initiative should be encouraged, but should not be a mandatory factor in work.

It's important to be able to respect other people's time if you want an employee to value their place and respect the goals of the company they work for. Perhaps you adore your job and so you can't see that some people do it just to make a living. There is nothing wrong with that, a professional can produce great results even without a personal attachment to the business they are doing. But no professional is going to like the uncertainty of having to do a business just for the sake of abstract successes. Try to avoid unnecessary calls and messenger messages after hours. Of course, there are emergencies, but think a few times, are they worth depriving your employee of his well-earned rest? Do you want him to come to work tomorrow, sleepless, unsatisfied, and instead of a productive day, angry at you for forcing him to sacrifice his personal time?

Ask yourself: "Can the situation wait until tomorrow?" 

Perhaps you give your employees a work phone and think it's okay. You shouldn't expect employees to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everyone needs free time.

For employees...

Make sure you have your own free time. If you want to relax during your time off with friends or family it doesn't make you a bad employee, does it?

In your personal free time, reduce the amount of time you spend on cell phone. Many times we are the people who is the problem if we want to disconnect from work.

Yes, sometimes, if boss calls you after hours, you can from time to time ignore it, but probably after this, you will be forced to answer. So talking with your boss is a good option. Try to kindly ask for his help with work while you are still in the office. It is really good when you can deal with your problems face to face

You need to be ready to say "no". Your boss will know that your time costs much, when you know it yourself. Anyway, if you let your boss know that your life and time worth no so much, then he will think that it's not so important to deal with your desires, and everytime he'll needs your help, he will ask you. All of it depends on you.
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