How often should wood windows be serviced so you don't have to replace them?

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How often should wood windows be serviced so you don't have to replace them?

How often should wood windows be serviced so you don't have to replace them?
If you have your own home, you have to look after it in every aspect. There are many people who like more old-fashioned, retro-style homes, and casement windows become a great option for such people.

What are casement windows

Casement windows have different components that make them look attractive and give them a certain uniqueness. Typically, a window consists of two sashes (frame and glass). For the window to be balanced - there is a weight and a cord that allows the window to be opened effortlessly.

Care for casement wooden windows

Wooden windows are still in vogue, and have been for the past three hundred years. Because of their uncomplicated construction, they don't need too much maintenance to look as beautiful as they did a decade ago. Here's how to properly care for these windows:

Safety of your windows

Even if you really like your windows for their style - they also need to be safe. Consider installing extra locks to keep your windows from opening more than a certain level.


Most people think paper towels for wiping glass are the best choice. In fact, it's not. If you don't want to attract dust to your glass, you should use a cloth (preferably microfiber) with glass cleaner. It is advisable to clean the outside of the window at least twice a year.

Wood rot

Wood is a great material that adds a certain aesthetic to almost any element. Wood provides good insulation and lasts a long time, but you still need to protect it from moisture to prevent excessive rotting.

Casement windows are gaining popularity because of their style, and if you want to replace your window, go with Lomax + Wood. They will provide you with their professional services, and you will be left to choose the material and design for your windows.

The benefits of casement wood windows

Although the material and construction of casement windows is quite simple, they have their own serious advantages that make them one of the best choices.

1. Aesthetics of appearance

Wooden window frames are a great choice for the homeowner who likes a retro style. They add a certain charm to your home.

2. Eco-friendliness

One of the most eco-friendly materials used in the production of window frames is wood. Wood uses the least amount of energy when processed, unlike many other windows.

If you want to choose a design that will be stylish in ten and twenty years, casement windows are a great option for your home. Longevity and ease of maintenance is something that other options are unlikely to boast.
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